10 of the Best Halogen Headlight Bulbs in 2019 (Buyer’s Guide)

Nobody actually pauses to think about why all automobiles are mandated to have headlights. Headlights permit us to see down a non-lit street at night time and beneath poor weather circumstances. Additionally they serve to alert oncoming automobiles of our presence.

Headlights are such commonplace features that we take them as a right. Asides from automotive buffs, many of us wouldn’t even be capable of identify the differing types of automotive headlights out there. The sort of bulb you employ, nevertheless, in your headlights can make a distinction in how nicely you see when driving.

The small print under will aid you to seek out the greatest halogen headlight bulbs on your car.

Examine: Prime 10 Halogen Headlight Bulbs of 2019

What are Halogen Headlight Bulbs?

Headlights, also referred to as headlamps, are the lights mounted in the entrance of a car. (These “lights” are constructed of a light-weight source, a reflector, and a particular lens. Thus, they should technically be referred to as self-contained lamps.) It might be proper apply to name the physical mild source on the entrance of your automotive a “headlamp”, and the mild beam it illuminates its “headlight.”

Most automobiles may have a setting by the steering wheel to regulate the headlamps’ brightness. If a car has multiple set of headlamps, this setting may additionally management which headlamps are turned on. It’s common street courtesy to not have your headlights glare shiny enough to distract the automotive in entrance of you or oncoming visitors.

Halogen headlights are only one sort of headlamps out there for a car, competing with Xenon and LED headlamps.

What are the benefits?

Previous to the innovation of xenon and LED headlamps, halogen headlamps have lengthy been the widespread commonplace amongst car producers. They’re the most cost-effective sort of headlamp with an extended lifespan and low alternative value. These lamps are additionally very vibrant.

What are the differing types of car headlight bulbs?

Apart from halogen, there are other two different primary headlight options: Xenon and LED.


A gaggle of highly reactive and toxic nonmetallic parts of the periodic desk. These parts embrace fluorine, chlorine, bromine, iodine, and astatine.

Halogens are a standard element of halogen lamps, a complicated sort of incandescent lamps, which use a tungsten filament to supply mild. The glass, or “envelope,” is made of heat-resistant quartz. The envelope encases the correct gases to induce a chemical response which makes the tungsten filament last longer.

One of the best halogen headlight bulb will produce shiny, white mild. They’re the greatest for a person on a finances. Nevertheless, they are the most energy-wasteful of headlamp varieties.


Xenon is a extremely secure, odorless, and colorless fuel which is extracted from the environment. It’s generally used in car headlamps, along with HID (high-intensity discharge) lighting. A distinguishing notice about xenon lamps is that do not include a filament. Somewhat, mild is generated via a xenon-electrical charge which ignites an arc between two electrodes.

The xenon headlight bulb produces a clear, white mild. They’re the greatest for someone who wants very robust headlight illumination. (Nevertheless, its harsh brightness might annoy different drivers on the street.)


LEDs, or “Light Emitting Diodes,” are semiconductors which produce mild once they obtain voltage. They’re immensely widespread and are extensively adaptable for any lighting display, be it a tv’s distant management, billboard, or automotive headlights. LEDs’ small measurement and wish for a rear cooling system might require various headlamp designs than xenon or halogen headlamps.

LED headlight bulbs produce better mild return from street indicators and are great for the economical-minded shopper, as they need little energy to run.

Choosing the Best Halogen Headlight Bulbs on your Car

Are you wondering about the right way to buy and install your car headlights? The process is simpler than you could assume. Buying your personal halogen lightbulbs and installing them by yourself will probably be rather more reasonably priced than taking it to your native restore store. Nevertheless, earlier than pursuing headlight bulbs, think about the following:

Ask your self “What do I need?” Are you trying to substitute the whole headlamp unit, or simply the headlight bulb? Though the sizes of the headlight bulbs are pretty standardized, the housing typically differs.

When choosing, discover a stability between mild high quality and affordability. Not many of these alternative halogen lightbulbs have long lifespans, so for those who discover a model that may last years, it might be value paying extra.

Prime three fashions on the market

Choose a halogen lightbulb that’s well-reviewed for high quality and is value efficient. Sylvania and Philips seem to dominate the halogen lightbulb market but Osram is considered a top quality brand as nicely.

Sylvania H1 Primary

This lightbulb is straightforward to put in and meets the United States Department of Transportation’s (DOT) laws. Sylvania boasts that its lamps are constructed of top quality materials that ensures lasting sturdiness.

Sylvania H7 XtraVision

Meeting DOT laws, Sylvania’s XtraVision headlight bulbs are conveniently obtainable in a number of headlight bulb base sizes. The XtraVision line claims to offer higher downroad visibility that primary headlight bulb models. Its filament is of a proprietary design to extend lifespan and efficiency.

Osram – Night time Breaker Limitless H4

Osram claims to have the safest halogen headlight bulb on the market. Its Night time Breaker Unlimited line goals to offer brighter and whiter headlights, permitting for larger nighttime street visibility and finally safer night time driving. These lightbulbs emit headlights “up to 110%” brighter and “40 meters longer” than competing bulbs. Many shoppers are comforted that the bulb was manufactured in Germany — a supposed a testomony to the bulb’s automotive quality.

Elements to Think about When Choosing

Don’t forget to decide on the greatest halogen headlight bulb based mostly in your automotive’s model and your wants. Aside from that, take into consideration how much it would be best to spend and what precisely you wish to buy.


With such low costs for a halogen headlight bulb, how extravagant should your lightbulb really be? Totally different mannequin mild bulbs will declare to have better efficiency and aesthetic for vastly larger prices.

What number of per pack

What do you need? In case you are trying to exchange one headlight bulb, you solely need purchase a single bulb pack. Purchase a 2-pack if you wish to save one for later and consider that you will not lose it in your storage. If you wish to substitute the bulb in each headlamp, buy a 2-pack.


Thankfully for many people, headlight bulbs are sometimes based mostly on the similar mannequin sizes: 9904, 9005, 9006, 9007, H1, and H4. The only method to decide which measurement headlight bulb your car needs is by checking the previous headlight bulb’s base the place you can find the mannequin number. If it isn’t there, you’ll be able to verify your automotive’s guide or research your model car online.

Shade Temperature

Halogen lightbulbs also come in various shade temperatures, marked by Okay for Kelvin. Lower colour temperatures, 2,700Okay – 3,500Okay produce hotter toned mild. Round 4,000Okay will produce white mild. 5,500Okay and upwards will emit cool, blue mild. Chances are you’ll need to make sure that each of your headlamps will emit the similar shade temperature. (Most packaging won’t reveal the bulbs’ particular colour temperature in Kelvin. Relatively, they’ll merely say that they are white, amber, purple, or blue.)


Sylvania H1 Primary

You can’t choose something extra reasonably priced than a “Basic” headlight bulb. This single lightbulb alternative could be very cheap.

Sylvania H7 XtraVision

Sylvania’s extra premium line can also be very reasonably priced, however prices slightly extra per unit. This small upcharge may be properly the value, although, for all of its stellar performance evaluations.

Osram – Night time Breaker Unlimited H4

These lightbulbs have a extra luxurious feel to their mild output, being whiter and brighter than competitor’s headlight bulbs. For this reason their slightly larger worth could also be value the purchase.

How Many per Pack

Sylvania H1 Primary

This primary mannequin comes with one lightbulb. The Primary Halogen Headlight Bulb is great if you have to substitute one burnt out headlight bulb and you identify this lightbulb’s mild quality to be similar to your car’s surviving headlight.

Sylvania H7 XtraVision

As a pack of two lightbulbs, you could purchase Sylvania’s XtraVision Halogen Headlight Bulbs to exchange each of your car’s headlights.

Osram – Night time Breaker Limitless H4

Additionally bought in packs of two lightbulbs, purchase Osram’s Night time Breaker Unlimited Super White Halogen lightbulbs in case you are trying to exchange each of your car’s headlight bulbs.


Sylvania H1 Primary

The precise hyperlink above applies to a measurement H1 headlight bulb. Yow will discover Sylvania’s Primary Halogen Headlight Bulb in other sizes on Amazon, though, including 9005, 9006, H7, H11, and lots of others.

Sylvania H7 XtraVision

Sylvania is sweet about producing many various sizes for the similar type of bulb. Along with measurement H7, their XtraVision bulbs come in measurement 9005, 9006, and others.

Osram – Night time Breaker Unlimited H4

Osram produces their Night time Breaker Limitless bulbs in multiple sizes, including 9005, H1, H11, and others.

Shade Temperature

Sylvania H1 Primary

The Primary Halogen Headlight Bulb seems to have a low shade temperature – a warmly toned amber.

Sylvania H7 XtraVision

Sylvania’s XtraVision headlight line is only one step above its Primary line, which means that its colour continues to be amber.

Osram – Night time Breaker Unlimited H4

Osram’s Night time Breaker Unlimited bulbs are slightly whiter than Sylvania’s decrease strains. Its shade is nearly a neutral white, but still has an amber tinge.

Prime Picks: The Remaining Evaluations Are In

Best Low cost Choice: Sylvania H1 Primary

SYLVANIA H1 Basic Halogen Headlight BulbWhen worth is a factor, check out Sylvania’s H1 Primary Bulb for a cheap choice that gets the job achieved.


  • The most cost effective on the market
  • Very durable


  • As a primary halogen lightbulb, some shoppers complain about the manufacturing high quality, claiming that they typically burn out after one month or that the bulb does not truly match in their automotive

Best Value Choice: Sylvania H7 XtraVision

SYLVANIA H7 XtraVision Halogen Headlight BulbThe H7 XtraVision is a superb high quality bulb and a robust worth selection.


  • Shoppers declare that these are brighter and distribute headlight beams better than unique manufacturing unit headlight bulbs


  • Contrary to its advertising, Sylvania’s headlight bulbs aren’t recognized for their longevity
  • Their longest rated XtraVision bulb is rated for less than 500 hours of use

Best General: Osram Night time Breaker Limitless H4 Super White

OSRAM - Night Breaker Unlimited H4 Super White HalogenOsram’s Night time Breaker is our selection for greatest halogen headlight bulb with all elements thought-about.


  • Shoppers claim that this headlight bulb is a real, impartial white shade, and that this bulb really makes their visibility higher at night time


  • The lifespan of the headlight bulb leaves something to be desired
  • Some shoppers complain that they burnout in a matter of months

All in All

Probably the most troublesome half of discovering the greatest halogen headlight bulbs is figuring out what measurement lightbulb your car wants, discovering a headlight bulb manufacturer who sells bulbs in the measurement you need, after which deciding what fashion of headlights you need. In search of the greatest? You possibly can’t go fallacious with the Night time Breaker Limitless H4 Super White Halogen bulbs.

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