How to plan a weekend wedding

A wedding is an important event that should be planned well in advance. A day should be booked at a time that can accommodate all of the guests and their activities. The more you have to arrange before the wedding, the more complicated the planning will be. Here are some suggestions to help you plan a great weekend wedding.

Plan the day. This is usually the most important part of planning a weekend wedding. If you have the time, start the day off right with breakfast. Get all of your guests together and plan your menu. Plan a dance party. The best way to plan a dance party is to have the whole family involved in planning it. Bring some cake, punch and the party favors you used to plan the day in your hand and get everybody to make a reservation for the party. Get the guest list together and start the planning process. Plan your reception. This is where you plan the food, the drinks and the desserts.

When it comes to a wedding, your wedding planner should help you come up with a creative and memorable wedding to share with your family and friends. When choosing wedding planners, here are some tips for you to consider:

Consider the number of guests who will attend your wedding. Consider the number of people who have ever attended your wedding; the average wedding is attended by over 200 people. If you are a first time couple who has never gone to a wedding before, consider that your wedding might be the first one they have been to.

Choose the wedding date wisely. For example, a Friday or Saturday night wedding might not fit with your budget and your schedule.

Think about which type of wedding you want. If you are planning a big wedding, consider selecting a different location from the venue you want to use. You may have to find another date and time to hold your wedding.

I used to be so anxious that my wedding day would be such a whirlwind that I couldn’t even begin to prepare for it. I was so worried I would have a rushed, disorganized affair, that I would miss out on the excitement that comes with celebrating your nuptials. I’m so glad I made a few adjustments to my wedding planning strategy.

I found that I was able to give my guests time to get acquainted with each other and make the most of our time together. My friends and family could stay for drinks and cocktails, while we enjoyed our time together. I found that by having dinner and cocktails first, guests were more comfortable and were able to have the most memorable wedding experience possible.

If you are looking for some of the tips from my wedding planning process, this is definitely a must read.

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